An Afternoon at an Italian Nursery

Although this is a website promoting our landscape business, garden strategies,Italy-tuscany and umbria 2011 061 I can’t help returning in my mind to the cultural past here in Italy that has simmered in our pysche for hundreds of years- and that has impacted almost all segments of western living. Last spring we had the special experience of visiting a nursery in Viterbo, Lazio with a contractor friend from Bagnaia. There were rows upon rows of olive trees potted up for sale –  even very ancient olives which had obviously been dug by tree spade- waiting to go to new homes on old estates.

The most incredible sight- to me, anyway- were the needle thin cypress trees crowded in what I thought were too small pots. My romantic eye saw them lining the back roads in Tuscany, but truth be told, they were all awaiting shipment to Morocco!

This nursery was well known for it’s 400 or so varieties of roses, which were beautiful, but it was a small plant in a 4″ pot sitting alone on the perennial bench. It was a dandelion!   Can you imagine that at your local garden centre in Ontario!